Stop it! Yes You Can!

This message is for all those people that say:

“I can't dance”

“I have two left feet”

“I’m such a bad dancer”

Listen to me...the reason you say these things is most likely because you've never invested the time to actually learn.

And yes...I've heard it all a million times! 

I know you want to learn how to dance, I even know you’ve thought about it for a long time.

But every time you researched it online you see scary looking dancers in crazy athletic poses and thought to yourself, “that's not necessarily what I want.”

And I totally understand.

I know you have anxiety,

I know you don't want to look like  an idiot.

And maybe you even have fear that you might not “get it”

But i’m telling you now, you can!

My name is J. Patrick Clements, I've been a dancer, competitor and educator now for almost 25 years and through my travels and experiences I have developed a proven teaching method that delivers the knowledge, skills and most importantly the confidence to dance in any situation in just a few hours.

Let me be clear here… I’m not offering a “sample lesson” or “introductory” generic dance lesson…

What I do is teach people a life skill.

A skill you can use all over the world!

A skill you can benefit from for the rest of your life!

And all it takes is just a few hours.

That's right… just a few hours.

My program is designed to set you up for success for a lifetime of fun in dancing.

I don't expect you to take dance lessons forever but what I am encouraging you to do is to think about taking time to learn a skill that you can share with your family and friends for a lifetime.

Start today!  I know how crazy it sounds but in the end you will thank me later for encouraging you to take the first step.

I looking forward to meeting you.

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