Adult Class Enrollment


The MBDC is now enrollment only.  Classes are progressive and cumulative.  

Unlike grade levels in school, students do not necessarily move to the next level each course or even year. We have a great deal of curriculum to cover in each level and we want to make sure that each student is comfortable, strong, confident and technically correct before moving up.

Some students may take a Level for a couple of years, others may move through a level in less time. The determination is made on an individual basis by the instructor.

  • Beginner: (Pre-Bronze & Bronze)These classes are typically designed for the absolute beginner to have an informative and authentic dance experience in a fun and lighthearted atmosphere.  These classes will be your initial exposure to dance syllabus memorization, rhythm and coordination. The bulk of classes offered at MBDC are Bronze classes due to the multiple different goals each student may have. Some will want to compete and perform while others are interested in solely improving their hobby.  Your distinguished professional will guide you through the basic concepts so you can feel confident even after your first try.
  • Intermediate: (Silver) These classes are for students who are working on theory, technique and terminology.  It is not recommended to join an intermediate class without prior beginner knowledge. 
  • Advanced: (Silver & Gold) This class assumes the student already knows the theory, techniques and terminology. Only students who are competitors or performers should attend this class unless otherwise invited by the instructor.