Children's Ballroom Classes (Monthly Tuition)

Children's Ballroom Classes (Monthly Tuition)

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This membership is for ALL classes help for kids at the MBDC.

Let your child discover the wonderful world of Ballroom Dancing!

Midwest Ballroom is now offering weekly group classes and private instruction. 

By working closely with parents we are able to create a fun, productive and rewarding experience which allows each child to develop and grow individually.

No prior dance experience is necessary!   

Dance is an exciting way for children to develop important social skills that lead to success both at school and throughout their lives. 

Ages 7 and up!  (if your child is younger and ready for formal instruction, don't hesitate to start)

Dress code: 

Form fitting, solid color shirt, flexible dress pants/dance pants (no shorts) for boys.  Skirts for ladies, leather/rubber soled dance shoes. 

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