Stop Going To YouTube To Learn How To Dance!

you've probably seen it a million times already. “learn how to salsa dance in 3 easy steps”

Scouring the internet I've seen countless amounts of "how to" salsa dance, ballroom dance etc.  At the surface it all seems fine and even fun, until you actually dance with someone who claims they learned online.  UUgh.

YouTube is literally inundated with mindless and talentless videos claiming that you can learn how to salsa dance if you just watch a video.  The fact of the matter is that they just produce bad dancers.  

Now don't get me wrong, watching videos online is an amazing way to get motivation and inspiration in your dancing.  Maybe you watch videos online to get new ideas for choreography or trying a new step, but this is for people who already know how to dance.  They already know how to breakdown the count and have at least a conceptual idea of what they are seeing. 

Unfortunately I have to tell you that there is no way you will ever become a good dancer or even a proficient dancer by watching an online video.  Worse yet,  learning how to dance online can create extremely bad habits that could take a lifetime to undo.

People often make the mistake that being a good dancer means knowing all the steps. That's just simply not the case. A good dancer is one who can adapt to any social situation and comfortably lead or follow to any type of music. There is a sensitivity and awareness involved that simply cannot be transcribed through video alone. There are subtle intricacies that just cannot be transcribed through a video. Some things you simply just have to feel and experience in order for you to find the true joy in dancing.

If you truly want to learn how to dance you do have a few options. but my recommendation is to simply take a professional dance lesson.

And not just any professional will do, make sure you find someone with a proven and established history of taking students from zero to hero on the dance floor. Independent ballroom studios are notorious for this but I would be leery of any franchised ballroom dance studio, as typically they have a hard sales approach and tend to have a lower caliber of professional depending on the city you are located in.

One-on-one instruction with a seasoned professional you should see immediate results. They will be able to assess what your immediate needs are and what you will need to work on. Most importantly, your professional will set you on the right path to creating good habits rather than bad habits which could potentially take a lifetime to undo.  I'm not saying that you need to take out a loan and get private lessons every week, but even one or two hours with a pro here and there certainly would be more valuable than hours upon hours watching videos online to learn.

My next suggestion would be simply to just go out dancing.  You will find that before long you will be thrown into the mix and you're going to find someone to dance with who will be willing to share some basic tips and pointers with you. You will then learn how to get more comfortable with a larger variety of partners.

I find most people decide to take this route before they ever book a lesson with a professional because they don't want to seem clueless once they decide to spend the money to finally take a professional lesson.  Which I guess makes sense, maybe it's not worth it for you to spend the money on something that could have been given free in a dance club. Regardless the best dancers you will ever encounter are without a doubt those who have had one-on-one experience with a trained professional.